This film is my attempt at an unconventional visual narrative language. I really admire Robert Bresson's handling of the relationships between film shots. I think what he has done is to try to distil a unique aesthetic that the film has. I also tried to create a montage of sound in this film. The influx of different sound imagery creates a narrative language, and the sound itself can be seen as an abstract noise, allowing meaning to fade into the sound, thus creating a pure music.


Royal College of Art, Rhythmanalysis, London, UK, 2021

2021 - Moon at Night | Video Link

Moon at Night | 月夜

Has the moon disappeared in the contemporary life world? In the night of urban life, the never-ending neon shackled people's eyes firmly on the earth. Can the eyes that have been ravaged by the strong light clearly see the faint moonlight in the sky? Heidegger mentioned Apollo’s moon landing in an interview with Der Spiegel on September 23, 1966. He couldn’t help sighing: “The giant tree of human existence has already been uprooted  totally.” The moon, the dwelling place of the fairy in ancient times, has long been proved to be a pale and barren land. After all, is the lonely shadow looking up at the moon already sealed in an ancient scroll? After all, in the era of technology that sweeps away all halo and mystery, what does the moon mean to us?