In this film, I combine a variety of imaging techniques, such as painting on paper, photography, video, and digital imaging. Among these different techniques, I want to explore the complexity and uncertainty of the subject of the film itself.


London Bargehouse Gallery, London, UK, 2022

Jiangsu Art Museum (New Museum), Nanjing, China, 2021

2021 - The Earth | Video Link

The Earth | 地藏

I Ching endows the earth with the inner character of "receptive devotion". The earth has always been where life can multiply. Here, what we are concerned about is the character displayed by the earth in human existence, its power to contain all things and create all kinds of creatures. However, in our contemporary life, has the earth been too far away from us? Hard cement, asphalt, and reinforced concrete replaced the vibrant soil. Our feet seem to be separated from the once earth. Here, have the various personalities of the earth also turned away to us?