In this film I use tools and techniques from traditional Chinese painting. It is not my intention to create an atmosphere of retro nostalgia, but only to think about the relationship between people and the painting tools when experiencing the painting of the ancients. The light coloured ink blocks produce a bright impression on the rice paper. It is vaguely figurative, so one needs to engage one's imagination in the experience of viewing.


Mecal Pro, Barcelona International Short and Animation Festival, Barcelona, Spain, 2020

CAA Art Museums, Hangzhou, China, 2019

UK Film Festival, London, UK, 2019
2019 - Xiang Jun | Video Link

Xiang Jun | 湘君

This film is based on an ancient Chinese poem. It is about a couple of immortals who have been apart for a long time and cannot meet each other. In this film, I try to use an implicit narrative method, narrating through the dialogue between image and the sound. There is no character's dialogue or character's actions here. All the words and emotions are contained in the intuitive feelings brought about by the images and sounds.